Non-Pigmentum: Beyond the Spectrum

An Exploration in Black and White 


opening reception

Saturday, June 7th

6:00pm through 9:00pm

Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar provided by:

DeepWood Restaurant


Saturday, June 7th through Saturday, July 26th


Originally I was a composer, painting with sound. Then suddenly I entered a new dimension and found myself inhabiting the most amazing ArtScape. As always, I create with colors, tones, textures, lines and rhythms, but now using a paintbrush as my instrument.  Avant-garde compositions take shape as acrylic paintings and my improvisations once made of sound now become visible.

 My artistic journey has gone through music and digital art to painting.

 I seek humor, truth and freedom in art. Learning from tradition, I follow the progressive path of abstraction to experimental forms and artistic enlightenment. Bohemia is my destination. I’m a jazz cat painting the town.


Scott Steelman was born in Columbus, Ohio. His family, which included actors, writers and musicians, nurtured his artistic inclinations and encouraged his creative side. A long career as a musician led to becoming an accomplished composer and arranger. He has taught music and authored books for music teachers.

Composing music for films and videos provided the seminal intersection of music and pictures. (Similarly, both of his grandmothers played piano for silent movies.) Steelman is a producer of music, video, and multimedia. A personal study of modern art inspired his creation of experimental forms of contemporary classical and avant-garde music. This art awakening also led to interdisciplinary collaborations with artists, film-makers and poets.

Now as a painter and visual artist, Scott works at his studio near Columbus, which also contains a recording studio. Acrylic paint is his preferred medium, usually on canvas, but recent work has incorporated markers and ink on vinyl. His work has been displayed at galleries and shows throughout the area.